The craft journal

So as any other crafty person probably does, I daydream projects. But, sometimes when I get home I forget what I was dreaming about! So I got smart. I've started carrying a journal with me to write about all my ideas! I decided to start sharing my ideas with you so that you can see my idea, how I envision it, and how it comes out! So heres the first one.
Its a scissor necklace!
Being a beauty school student I obviously use scissors everyday and there the only cool looking tool Id like to wear everyday. (I'd probably look silly wearing a blow dryer or perm rod)
to the right is one idea and to the left
is my other idea.

And here are the supplies i want to use.

The first thing looks like a pile of ribbons and essentially it is, but they're made by the company you see in the second picture, Industrial Chic. They're like ribbons but almost a fabric-y material. The second is exactly what you see; a bunch of bolt/tool looking things and the last is obviously a pair of scissors.

Does any one have any suggestions? 


In the life of "Oz"

On Easter Sunday we went to visit my father in the hospital and he was very lively- much more so then he's been recently. For you to understand what he's really like I've decided to write it in a list because i feel that thats the easiest way.

My father is Craig Simon
He likes to be called Rick or " Oz"
He is 65 years old
He was definitely a hippy
Im convinced he still wants to be
He is a die hard biker
and will pledge loyalty to Harley Davidson until he dies
He went to Woodstock in the summer of 1969
It took him 4 hrs to get there and 6 days to get back
He has 4 tattoos
1 reads " A season in Hell"
1 reads" A season on the dark side"
He believes the world is ending on May 21st, 2011
He can tell you anything about anything you could possibly want to know
He has not owned a TV in 5 years
He pierced my 2nd and 3rd earring holes
He has 8 piercings in his ears
His hair is longer then mine
He has not cut his hair in 15 years
He is responsible for my love of the Beatles
He is a very smart man but he likes people to think he's a burnout.

We brought him a few of the cakepops so that he could have a bit of easter lovin in the hospital and being a diabetic we werent sure if he would be allowed to have cake mixed with frosting dipped in candy decorated with sugar. you know, sugar sugar sugar, mixed with some sugar, coated in ridiculous sugar. Anyhow his response was- "I'll just tell the nurse its a hard bolded egg"
This is him on Easter Sunday 2011. He looks the happy in this picture, happier then he has in months.
Here is a pretty spring picture from today. it was 88 degrees here in philadelphia!


Easter Cake Pops!

We made cake pops last night! We are going to Anthony's family's house for Easter so we thought we'd bring something! I found a company online that did these (much better then us), got the ingredients and started! Start to finish it takes about, 5 hours. ugh. Anyhow, the chicks are my favorite, but also the most time consuming. They're very cute lets just hope they taste as good as they came out!