About Me

Chelsea Rae:

Im 23
I live outside Philadelphia

I live with a cat
Her name is little cat
I love chocolate
I hate fish
I also hate green
Im currently in beauty school
I graduated from Eastern University in May 2010
I love knitting
but I love crocheting more
I just recently started sewing
My short term goal is to make a dress
I love leather jackets
I have short brown (sometimes) hair
My boyfriend is Italian
My boyfriend is also a chef
Im originally from New Jersey
My dad is 65
I cant live a day without coffee
I daydream about crafting
I have buckets of crafting things all over my room
I  have a ball of yarn and crochet needle in my purse at all times
I have lots of crafty friends I hope to feature
I used to own a hedgehog
Her name was baby
Im bad at purses
Im good at drawing
I hate school
but I love learning new things
I've been skydiving twice
I obsess over The Beatles
I am a dancer
If i could live ever day in sweats I would
I have a VW hatchback
I love it
and this is baby!