The craft journal

So as any other crafty person probably does, I daydream projects. But, sometimes when I get home I forget what I was dreaming about! So I got smart. I've started carrying a journal with me to write about all my ideas! I decided to start sharing my ideas with you so that you can see my idea, how I envision it, and how it comes out! So heres the first one.
Its a scissor necklace!
Being a beauty school student I obviously use scissors everyday and there the only cool looking tool Id like to wear everyday. (I'd probably look silly wearing a blow dryer or perm rod)
to the right is one idea and to the left
is my other idea.

And here are the supplies i want to use.

The first thing looks like a pile of ribbons and essentially it is, but they're made by the company you see in the second picture, Industrial Chic. They're like ribbons but almost a fabric-y material. The second is exactly what you see; a bunch of bolt/tool looking things and the last is obviously a pair of scissors.

Does any one have any suggestions? 


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