New Tattoo Idea?

Sooooo Ive been toying with the idea of getting a new tattoo! The question now is what and where. I want something along the lines of scissors because there such a big part of my life. Between cutting hair, sewing, and crafting I use them everyday. But i didn't just want a boring pair, I wanted them to be vintage. A lot of vintage scissors are really ugly... so I decided to draw my own.

What do you think?

And where should i put it? I was thinking the inside of my forearm.

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I just loaded some things this week and I have some new things to add this weekend!


DIY Wedding Guest Revealed!

Ahhhhhh! its been so so soooo long and I finally completed all my things for the DIY wedding guest AND went to that wedding. So here it is. The dress, purse, the headpiece, and the necklace



DIY wedding guest purse!

Soooo i finally finished my purse for this wedding and it was definitely very frustrating. I started it over probably 5 times. I struggled on how to make this because i had so many ideas and there were so many things i wanted to do i couldn't decide on just one so here it is

Andddd conspicuously hidden inside will be things to help me get through generally boring events. :)

The tan and the blue fabric matches my dress but Im not sure about the striped fabric..


Paper necklace!

So here, as the next portion of the DIY wedding guest, is my necklace! its completely made out of paper and craft glue. except for the chain. obviously. 

Do you think it looks ok or too cheap?



DIY wedding guest hairpiece

As promised, here here is the first complete item for the DIY wedding guest

The hairpiece!

thats the general idea... here are some close ups.

Are the peacock feathers a little out of place??????


A Fantastic use for Mint!

So we're growing a garden this year and one of the things we have in excess right now is mint. After talking about the many uses for mint the most logical one seemed to be Mojito's !!
I picked the mint from the garden while Anthony made some simple syrup.  BTW, simple syrup really is very simple.  Equal parts sugar and water, boil and let cool.
Heres the recipe we've been using....

Approximately 12 mint leaves ( or enough to cover the bottom of the glass and some more....
2.5 tbs of simple syrup
1/2 of fresh lime juice
1.5 oz of rum ( about a shot and a half )
7 oz of club soda


DIY wedding guest

Oh my god, its been forever since I've posted. Id like to say its because vie been busy but I really haven't.  Anthony and  I moved from the 3rd floor of the house were in to the basement but thats about it. Anyway! There are a few exciting things I'll have to share in the next few weeks... Im going to a wedding, so I'm starting a post series I'm calling DIY wedding guest. I know everyone has seen a DIY wedding because weddings can get expensive, but being a guest at a wedding also get expensive. Between a dress, shoes, jewelry, present, card, and travel they can get expensive. In the next 2 weeks up until this wedding Im going to make....

My dress

My hairpiece

My jewelry

My clutch

The present

So as I finish each thing ill post the complete item!