Halloween Cupcakes!

Like i said... I'm spending a lot of time by myself so here is what i made today! 
                                                           Halloween cupcakes!!

So The ingredients i used were

duncan hines cake mix
duncan hines milk chocolate
milano cookies
blue writing gel

First make your cake mix and bake your cupcakes however you want. I like to use the renyolds baking cups because its just easier. 
While they are cooking, take your oreos, separate them from the filling and crush the cookies up until you have a 'dirt' pile
 you can also cut the milano cookies in half and write RIP on them while the cupcakes are baking.
When the cupcakes are finished, ice them and sprinkle the oreo dirt on top.

Then, just put the 'tombstones' on top! and your done with your sweet graveyard.


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