Our new puppy!

We got a new puppy this week! Well not really a puppy, she's 8. She is a Norwegian Elkhound.  We saw her in an add in a paper, 'free to good home'  so we went over to her house and instantly she fell in love with Anthony.  She climbed right into his lap and did not move until we took her to her new home with us.

So before we met her and knew what her name was, we were thinking of what to name her and we though of Bjorn because its a Norwegian name however when we looked up her breed we found that Norwegian Elkhound literally translated to " Norwegian Moose Dog"
We wanted to call her moose dog, but since she's had her name for 8 years we figured to stick with it 

                                                                    This is Jasmine!

So far, she loves a stuffed monkey. Well really she just likes to chew it apart. She does not like cats andddd she does silly things in her sleep. She barks and whines in her sleep like a normal dog i guess but she also likes to lay on the back with her leg in the air and lick the carpet.


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